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Our mission? To keep children engaged with technology in a balanced and safe way 

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Cross industry experience meets parenthood!

We all know that mobile devices and the evolution of new and 'exciting' apps is invaluable for young (and more mature!) minds. 

Our focus is to ensure that children are kept safe and engaged in technology...but in a balanced way!  We want to ensure positive experiences for all our users.

We set out to make it easy for parents to put safeguards and simple controls in place.  So easy, that a parent with no specific technology skill can turn on protection and parental controls in just 90 seconds.


Hoong Kwan

Founder & Director

Neil Buirski

Founder & Director

Neil Pollock

Founder & Director

Kevin Knight

Founder & Director



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We are passionate about our business and our overarching goal to deliver a balanced and safe experience for our kids when it comes to using devices.  As such, you've guess it, we love talking about what we are doing, so if you want to speak to us please feel free to use the form below or call us on 0333 242 3163.





They dont have to do
something wrong to get into trouble.

33% of kids have been exposed to something worrying or nasty online.

Oxfcom media use and attitudes report 2022


Protect your child in just 90 seconds


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